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Celebrities See through niples.

    I've pretty much come to the happy conclusion that Lindsay Lohan does not own a bra. Here's a picture of Lohan wearing a see through blue dress braless. She seems to either wear one of her thousand bikinis, or just let's her tits hang out. But who am I to judge. Actually, I'd be a damn fine judge, the more boob the better. Let em fly Lindsay.

    Recent photos of Christina Aguilera in a see through shirt seem to confirm reports that she has removed her nipple ring. Starpulse News reports that Christina removed her nipple ring in respect for her husband Jordan Bratman. What is more intriguing is that Christina is reported to have 12 piercings? Say what? I'm not really into fake tits, but Christina's done a hell of a job at creating that dirty chick sex appeal and considering she has 11 other piercings I'd hardly think removing one suddenly means repect. At this point the more the better.

    I could go on and on about Sophie Howard's huge rack and the beauty of see through dresses. But you know the old saying - a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here you go. If see through nips are too much of a tease and you need something more you then how about Sophie Howard topless with another fine looking chick, or I'd hit up ole Gorilla Mask for some more topless Sophie.

    Here a recent shot of Jessica Simpson taking the girls our for dinner. Jessica's see through blue dress proves once again she's got the upper hand on the family assets verses Ashlee. I've got to throw the flag on that lipstick though. I wouldn't put that on my blow up doll. And I'm recommending a hair brushing regime as well.

    The Devil may wear Prada, but Anne Hathaway wears a see through shirt. Very see through. I know the photo is old, but I don't know too much about the Prada movie, only that Anee Hathaway was a hair away from a red carpet nipple slip at the Devil Wears Prada premire. And for those wondering (and we all are) Anne Hathaway has been topless in movies.

    Jennifer Lopez reportedly fired her agency International Creative Management (ICM). Which I don't think anyone could care less about, but it provided us a reason to post this picture of Jennifer Lopez in a see through green shirt. Nipples, tan line, it's all good. Actually a damn fine pict.

    Another one for the Tara Reid see through scrapbook. I wish I could tell you our obsession with Tera Reid's breasts equated to flattery, but that fact is those things are a mess. So it's more like bewilderment. She's a cute girl, why did she go mess things up with wackly implants. I'm all for the big boobies, but keep it real.

    I must admit I wasn't aware Hilary Swank even had breasts. Let alone these. Is this a late April fools joke? This photo of Hilary Swank's nipples in a see through top certainly proves she's go a nice set. And where in the hell do you wear such a see through shirt. Just out? I mean... what do I mean? I'm still confused. These are really Hilary Swanks boobs?

    Classic celebrity see through for you today. Sophie Anderton, a UK supermodel, appearing at a breast cancer celebrity fashion show, of all places. Nothing says breast cancer awareness like nipples.

    What could be better than seeing Jodie Marsh in a tight PETA t-shirt? Seeing Jodie March in a see through shirt - with no bra. Marsh, is known in the British tabloids as the Human Viagra and I think we all see why. Aside from that I don't know who the hell she is, and doesn't it matter really?
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