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    British model Jordan, whose real name is Katie Price, used to have one of the biggest breast implants in our celebrity plastic surgery page, after three breast augmentation she achieved her 30G breast size. The latest news that we have about her is that she is still not happy with the size of her breast, that she wanted them smaller...

    She announced in 2007 that she was planning to have a plastic surgery mommy makeover after the birth of her third child, including breast reduction, lip augmentation and vagina rejuvenation.

    In fact, she went for breast reduction but in an interview to Ok magazine she admitted to be disappointed with the result:  "When I saw my boobs I was disappointed because they looked big and I wanted them to be a lot smaller... My words to the doctor beforehand were: 'I want to go a lot smaller. More pert. More stuck-on looking. But I still want people to think I've got big boobs....  I'm really disappointed. In fact I'm going back to the States to get them re-done...  They look fine in bra but they hang too low when I'm standing up and it's really bad when I'm lying down. There's about a four inch gap... I've had three boob jobs done before and I've seen enough other ones to know what they should look like and they're not right...  I've also got indents so you can see where the implant is sitting and there's excess skin so the doctor either hasn't filled the skin up enough or he hasn't removed enough skin."

    She spent more than £43,000 on cosmetic surgery but she is warning others to stay natural due to her experience: "I can't believe this is the first time I've paid for surgery and this is the first time it went wrong... My boobs and nose were £18,000 and my gnashers were £25,000. But they are [botched] as well...  I tell you what - anyone reading this, just stay natural because I've been through all this and look at the state of me...  They [botched] up my boobs and they [botched] up my teeth and I've been in pain for six weeks."

    In contrast to this comments, speaking to News! Price said: "I won't have any more surgery now. That's it. I'm 100% happy... I like the way I look at the moment. I can still get my kit off without being airbrushed!"

    Katie Price, aka Jordan, has the worst augmented breasts I have ever seen. Hands down. Here are some  pictures of Katie Price that show how horribly scarred her boobs have become after having breast augmentation surgery. Her nipples are no longer round, they are ice cream cone shaped.

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