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Lindsay Lohan Pulls Her Panties Down For Money

    I’m no fan of Lindsay Lohan, because let’s face it she’s a drunkie and a crack head. All she knows is party all night long, get drunk and high as soon as possible, then head back home… or however’s home is nearest. I am however a fan of girls taking off their clothes for money. And that’s what she is doing here too: Lindsay Lohan pulls her panties down for money, money promised by the Purple magazine, who obviously have no better taste in women – seriously there are thousands of super sexy women dying to be photographen with their panties down. Anyway, maybe Purple Magazine felt sorry for Lindsay Lohan, and thrown her a bone… Lindsay doesn’t think too much anyway, so taking her panties down is just something she’d be doing for free, if you offer her a drink or too, but with a touch of photoshoot and the proper whorish clothing, this came out as a pretty damn sexy pictorial… check her out.

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